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GNHLUG meeting on May 8th, 1900 hours, at Illuminata, Inc.


The next meeting of the Greater New Hampshire Linux User's Group will be on
May 8th at 1900 hours.  The location will be Illuminata, Inc, which is
on the third floor of the Market Exchange building in downtown Nashua
(directions below).

The agenda will be a discussion of the MACH Microkernel, plus a discussion on
an upcoming joint USENIX/LINUX developer's conference.  Additional discussions
are always welcome.

Giving the talk will be Jon Fraser, of Digital's kernel engineering group,
who actively works with the OSF/1 microkernel.  As you may or may not know,
the OSF Research Institute has recently announced a version of Linux built on
the OSF microkernel.

I will try to re-schedule the PGP talk that was to be given last April 10th,
but I want to wait late enough in the year to avoid snowstorms. :-)

===========================Directions to Illuminata===========================

Illuminata's headquarters are located in Nashua, New Hampshire. 

We occupy the third floor of the Market Exchange Building at 187 Main Street. 
This building is better known as the home of Martha's Exchange, a popular
restaurant and micro-brewery. (For some reason, our clients visit our offices
far more often and far more enthusiastically since we co-located with Martha's.

Coming From The South (Massachusetts)

Take US Route 3, which is accessible from both the Route 128 and the I-495
beltways, north into New Hamphshire. Take Exit 5 and go East until you hit
Main Street. Take a left; go several blocks. Look for Martha's Exchange, a
large restaurant in a red-brick building on your left. You can generally park
on the street. 

Coming From The North (Concord, NH)

Take I-93 South. When I-93 and the Everett Turnpike go separate ways, follow
the Turnpike. You will soon come into Manchester. Follow the directions below
for Manchester. 

Coming From The North (Manchester, NH)

Whether you're coming from the Manchester Airport, from Route 101, or from
Concord down I-93, the trick is to take I-293 to the the Everett Turnpike,
then head South. Getting to I-293 is easy from Route 101, because they
are largely colinear in Manchester. From the Airport, take a Right at the exit.
Travel until you hit I-293, which you will take West, to the Left. Once you
are approaching Nashua, look for Exit 7 / Route 101A, which you will take
East. In a few minutes you will end up in downtown Nashua, where you will enter
an interection at an angle (you're on Amherst Street, about to turn onto Main).
At that intersection take a Right, which puts you on Main Street. Look for
Martha's Exchange in a red-brick building on your right.

Go to the third floor, using either the stairs or the elevator.
- -- 
Jon "maddog" Hall			
Officer - Linux International           Senior Leader
Mailstop ZK03-2/U15			UNIX Software Group
Digital Equipment Corporation		Internet: maddog at
110 Spit Brook Rd.			Voice: 603.881.1341
Nashua, N.H. 03062-2698			Fax: 603.881.6059

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