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Can linux's smail do uucp?

Well, I've been trying off and on to get my linux machine to take over
a uucp link from an older machine. It fails in several ways, and I was
sorta wondering if anyone has ever made it work.

One failure:  Incoming mail is *always* rejected on the  grounds  that
rmail can't be executed. Now, /bin/rmail is there (it's a symlink, but
it's there), and it has world write permissions.  Furthermore, I  made
sure that the Permissions file has both "rmail" and "bin/rmail" in the
list for every entry, with colons between them.  But it still  insists
that  rmail  isn't  executable.   Does  anyone  have an actual working
example of a Permissions file that allows rmail to be run?

The other main problem is with outgoing mail: the "mail" command seems
to invoke smail, and smail *always* tries to contact a nameserver.  If
the machine isn't connected to an ISP (and  it  usually  isn't),  this
always fails, of course. The problem here is that smail flatly refuses
to send the mail out via uucp.  I can't seem to find anything  in  TFM
pages that says how to tell smail that it can use uucp. I did create a
paths file, but "ls -lu" says that it isn't read by anyone, so  that's
not  the  answer.   Does anyone have an smail configuration that sends
mail via uucp?  Or is smail now restricted to just using the internet?

(Now let's see if this can be mailed from here.  It  can't  be  mailed
from my home machine.  ;-)

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