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Cell capable modems ...

	Okay, so here's my dilemia ...  I have nice laptop, which has a
modem which swears up and down to be cell compatible and works really
nicely under linux.  Most of the time, it is hooked up to my house LAN.
However, every so often, I go into this thing that people call outdoors
where people speak this strange dialect of java called english.
	Incidentally, I have a nice cell phone and the people at bell
atalntic were nice enough to give me free nights and weekends ...

	Have I mentioned I am a work-a-holic and an email addict?

	Basically, I'd really like to be able to hook up my
cell-compatible modem and my cell and make it work.

	How does one go about this?  The phone is a qualcomm / audiovox
phone (CDM-3000) and the modem is an XJ4288 Megahertz modem.  According to
the page, my phone is not listed and according to 3Com support, no
audiovox phone is supported.  The guy on the phone couldn't give a clear
answer as to why this is the case, though, as the CDM phone has an
identical connector to some of the Nokia phones out there.

	Okay, so what is BS, what is marketting and what actually works?
Should I chuck this modem and go with another which might support the
phone?  Should I chuck the phone and go with another that will support the
modem?  Should I give up and never stray more than 1500 meters from an
ethernet jack?

"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion"
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