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SCSI install problem

> I have never added a drive to a linux box, so can someone clue me in where
> I begin???
> Here's what I've got laying around:
> Intel based linux box running RH6
> Adaptec 2930 Ultra SCSI adapter
> Seagate 10/20GB TapeStor (travan) tape drive and tapes.
> Any help or pointers to help will be greatly appreciated.

I pulled together a card and a few disk and tape drives along these
lines a few months ago, and it was a rather simple process.  Basically,
just install the card and recompile the kernel with the appropriate scsi
card and tape and/or disk drive support.  I had tar up and working with
the tape drive within minutes of finishing the compile.  I'm sure
there's a mini-howto along the same lines out there.

Brian Conway
dogbert at

You wouldn't buy a car that would break down every morning on your way
to work.  Why would you use an operating system that does the same?
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