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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Seth Gordon wrote:

> Ever since I noticed that my system clock didn't reset for the end of
> daylight savings time, I've been trying to get the time function
> working on my computer, and failing miserably.  I've tried linuxconf,
> timetool, date, setclock, timeconfig, hwclock, and the BIOS
> configuration screens built in, to no avail.  I can *set* the time
> using these utilities, and the system knows that I'm in Eastern
> Standard Time (that's what I get from "date"), and it knows that the
> hardware clock is set to GMT (/etc/sysconfig/clock includes the line
> "UTC=true").

This SHOULD work if you use your BIOS setup and ***REMEMBER TO SET IT TO

If it does not, my guess would be that you have a hardware problem.  

Likewise, you should be able to do a set the date with the date command,
and then do a 

clock -uw

to set the hardware clock.  RedHat has no manpage for this command, I just
happened to remember the command from Slackware.  The -u says use UTC
time, and the -w says write the system time to the hardware clock.

RedHat also has the hwclock command, but I think it requires more typing
and is much less simple than the clock command.

Derek D. Martin
Senior UNIX Systems/Network Administrator
Arris Interactive
derek.martin at

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