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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

Derek Martin wrote:

> This SHOULD work if you use your BIOS setup and ***REMEMBER TO SET IT TO
> UTC***

I used the following commands:

hwclock --set --date="11/8/1999 23:34:20" --utc
hwclock --hctosys --utc

and rebooted, and immediately hit the DEL key to get into the BIOS's setup
pages.  Sure enough, the time in the BIOS was the proper UTC time.

Then I exited the BIOS, booted Linux, and it told me that the time was 2:10
EST on November 9 -- when the actual time was 11:40 pm.  So I think the
problem was introduced in the Linux boot sequence, not in the BIOS.

> Likewise, you should be able to do a set the date with the date command,
> and then do a
> clock -uw
> to set the hardware clock.  RedHat has no manpage for this command, I just
> happened to remember the command from Slackware.  The -u says use UTC
> time, and the -w says write the system time to the hardware clock.

Well, I can try 'clock -uw' as well, and report back....

Note that I've had this computer running RH5.2 since July, and didn't notice
any time problem back then; I installed RH6.0 shortly before the clocks
changed, and only noticed the problem after DST was over.

perl -le"for(@w=(q[dm='r 0rJaa,u0cksthe';dc=967150;dz=~s/d/substrdm,\
(di+=dc%2?4:1)%=16,1ordi-2?'no':'Perl h'/e whiledc>>=1;printdz]))\
{s/d/chr(36)/eg;eval;}#In Windows type this all on 1 line w/o '\'s"
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