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Star Office and CPU time

just a sanity check of sorts: when I run star office (which is quite a
bit) it is always a runnable process from the pov of the
scheduler.. it's all CPU (no I/O) so it actually shares pretty well
from the pov of other system applications but it is definitely chewing
cycles.. and I mean always.. even if no documents are open.. on an
otherwise idle system soffice.bin will take 94% of the CPU.. and if
I'm doing something else it will of course take 50% or whatever it can
(assuming both are CPU bound)..

it's as if it contains a thread doing while(1); or a spin-lock or
something like that somewhere.. (actually it's not a while(1) as 1/3
of the cycles are system time and 2/3 are user time) soffice itself
doesn't seem sluggish at all however.. so maybe it's a busy wait as an
internal idleproc for star-office?

but I'm really guessing it's gotta be environmental for me
somewhere.. nobody would ship it like this, right?

once upon a time this was a redhat 6 install.. but I've of course
fiddled a bit.. including a 2.1.1 libc which would be the first
condition I'd wonder about.

so after all that: I'm open to speculation, and/or reports of
similar/different behavior.


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