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hardware clock is mangled on reboot

"James R. Van Zandt" wrote:

> Maybe your file /etc/adjtime is goofed up.  That's the file that tells
> hwclock (or clock) the drift rate of your clock, and when it was last
> adjusted.

OK, my /etc/adjtime was last modified when I rebooted about a week ago,
and it looks like this (whitespace may not be copied accurately):

42022.480469 942149413 0.000000

There's no manual page for adjtime, so I don't know how to interpret the

At the time that I looked at /etc/adjtime, it was about 6:28 am, or, in
Unix-time terms, about 942665320.

perl -le"for(@w=(q[dm='r 0rJaa,u0cksthe';dc=967150;dz=~s/d/substrdm,\
(di+=dc%2?4:1)%=16,1ordi-2?'no':'Perl h'/e whiledc>>=1;printdz]))\
{s/d/chr(36)/eg;eval;}#In Windows type this all on 1 line w/o '\'s"
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