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more X

Well, I _did_ say "nearly all."  :)

-- Mike

On 2000-05-03 at 07:08 -0400, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> I beg to differ. Both XF86Setup and Sax used to hang on the 2.2.13 kernel 
> with my ATI 4MB Xpert at work. The reason was that kernel frame buffer was 
> turned on by default and that board was not compliant with the current 
> frame buffer standard. Once the frame buffer support was turned off both 
> Sax and XF86Setup worked.

> Mike Bilow wrote:
> > Yes, but XF86Setup has one critically important advantage over the other
> > tools: it will force the use of the basic VGA16 driver for its own run.  
> > This allows bailing out of a totally non-functional video situation in
> > nearly all cases.  If your system is too far gone for it to help you,
> > usually the only receovrse is to attack XF86Config with a text editor.

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