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shells and bells

At 05:00 PM 5/3/00 -0400, you wrote:
>MySQL too is equally good.

Actually, before I say what I am about to say, know that all my stuff is 
done in MySQL, and I actively use it and promote it...

It's not "equally" good yet.

Some months back, I got bored, was looking at slashdot and thought "I want 
to teach myself to write dynamic database driven websites". So I dove in 
headfirst and 7 days later had written my own version of a "slashdot" from 
having known nothing about databases or PHP previously.

When I started, all my friends suggested Postgres, and at first I didn't 
know why. I told them that MySQL and PHP seemed a good pairing and that I 
would go with that. They just shook their heads.

Today, as I attempt to make my sites better, and as my skills grow, I have 
started demanding more of MySQL than I originally did when I first started 
teaching myself. And I'm finding it coming up short. Rollbacks, subselects, 
all sorts of stuff that I'd like to be able to do, that I can't, because 
while MySQL intends to have it (subselects in the next major version, I 
believe, is coming), it doesn't yet. And now I understand why my friends 
suggested Postgres....I'd not be having these problems right now. So now I 
am facing the idea of having to recode a ton of crap, or let my sites be as 
is for a while and wait for the versions to come out to bring MySQL into 
the playing field as an equal.

I like MySQL, but you won't hear me saying that it's equal...yet.


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