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another X and monitor question

Well, it could be a video driver issue, but not a monitor issue.

There are two completely different variations of the ET4000 system, one
which needs the Tseng driver and one which needs the standard SVGA driver.  
The difference is in the suffix letters, like "ET4000/AX."  I know this is
crazy, but that got me once.  "ET4000" is a series, not a device.

Does this problem go away if you use the raw VGA16 driver?  A simple way
to test this is to run XF86Setup and see if the display recovers; this
utility rejiggers X during its run so that the VGA16 driver is used.

-- Mike

On 2000-05-04 at 12:27 -0400, imagelab at wrote:

> Neither reset or setterm were effective.  The terminal type is linux. 
> The screen is much dimmer than -half-bright on makes it.  It may be a
> hardwear issue.  This system has an ET4000 chipset  on the video card and
> a KDE 17" monitor.  I have to beboot the system to get the brightness
> back.
> Karl
> On Tue, 2 May 2000 15:03:30 -0400 (EDT) Mike Bilow
> <mikebw at> writes:
> > This is hardware-specific, and you may have an APM issue which needs 
> > to be
> > fixed by recompiling the kernel.  You may also simply have the TERM
> > (bash) or term (tcsh) environment variable set incorrectly.  If you 
> > can
> > run X on an i386 machine, you probably want "linux" for the terminal 
> > type.
> > 
> > The command you are looking for is "setterm -half-bright off" but 
> > you need
> > to see "man setterm" for the details.  Your distribution may not 
> > include
> > the "setterm" command; Debian provides it as part of the required
> > "util-linux" package which is handled by initial installation.
> > 
> > -- Mike

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