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BellAtlantic DSL

> If they're doing some kind of proprietary garbage on
> Windows and Mac machines, dump them now and get a different
> DSL provider or cable modem.  A big company like Bell Atlantic
> is sure to have some kick-back program with MS, and you can
> be sure they'll do everything they can not to cater to Linux.

The proprietary garbage they're using is actually PPP-over-ethernet. 
Their site says they do not support Linux, but that it is possible to
get it working.  Check out freshmeat for the latest package, and you
should be all set.  I don't have experience with this first-hand, so
it's quite possible that actually setting up PPP-over-ethernet is a real
bitch, I wouldn't know.  As for a real provider, I can only say good
things about  Just looking over the services they offer,
you can see that they cater to those that know what they're doing (up to
4 static IPs per house, a real router that plugs into a hub/whatever,
and they encourage domain/web site hosting, etc etc).  Just my $0.02.

Brian J. Conway
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