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C lib in GCC

> I have downloaded gcc for the purpose of compiling some programs on my
> sun sparc (running solaris 2.5) and find that I am missing some include
> files and c header files. For instance stdio.h doesn't seem exist on my
> computer and isn't in the gcc package. The make files look for the
> headers in usr/includes... but this directory is not currently on my
> computer. Where can I get these files? Should they be part of the
> solaris 2.5 distribution? Are they on the web somewhere?

The include files are part of the Solaris distribution, at least they
are for 2.6 and 2.8 (Solaris 8).  You should be able to find them on the
installation CDROM.

By the way, Solaris 8 is available for $75 now, and the license is generous.

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