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software warranties

The FrameMaker EULA "warrants to you that the software will perform
substantially in accordance with the Documentation for the ninety (90)
day period following your receipt of the Software."

Compared to most EULAs, this sounds positively generous, but it really
doesn't grant you more rights than you already have under the Uniform
Commercial Code.  Every product is sold with an "implied warranty of
merchantability" that allows you to reject the product after a
reasonable opportunity to inspect it.

If the only reasonable opportunity to inspect a program is by taking
it home, installing it on your computer, and seeing if it works with
your system, then you have the right to do that and then return the
software (within a reasonably short time frame, and of course after
erasing the program from your hard drive) for a refund.  Software
retailers and publishers will of course say that once you break the
seal on the program, you're stuck with it, but *they don't make the
laws*.  (Except where UCITA has been passed, but that's another story.


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