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.asp viewer

On 16 May 2000, Kevin Falcone wrote:

> >>>>> "MB" == Mike Bilow <mikebw at> writes:
>   MB> If you want ASP on Unix, the accepted Open Source solution is to
>   MB> use Apache::ASP from:
>   MB>
> The only real problem with this solution is that it only supports ASP
> written in perlscript.  This is not a problem per se, since I prefer
> anything to vbscript, but it has confused a number of people hoping
> for a trivial porting job. 

Enter Chilisoft,

It will allow to use VBScript or Javascript (not sure if this is the same
as JScript in this context) with little or no changes.

Other features include JIT compilation of scripts, script caching,
COM/DCOM/JavaBeans/CORBA support for all those nifty COM objects you're
probably using if you develop with ASP/VBscript, and it runs on just about
any platform with any web server.

It'll cost ya though, about $500 for the Linux version.

Niall Kavanagh, niall at
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