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Debian (was Re: Bombing of Dresden)

On Wed, 17 May 2000, Mike Bilow wrote:

> maintain any CD images for it.  You can get Alpha CD test images from:
> 	rsync://
> He rebuilds once each week on Sunday, and he includes the non-US pieces,
> while we rebuild daily and (obviously) do not include the non-US pieces.
> I think you will need to make a custom kernel for SMP support, although I
> am not actually certain of this.  Debian has a nice "kernel-package"
> method that mostly automates the process of building a custom kernel and
> produces a ready-to-install .deb file for the kernel image and modules.  
> COLOSSUS.BILOW.COM is an SMP machine, but it uses a custom kernel.

Kernel building I've done, after the install, so I'm not worried about
that.  The issues for me are: 
1.  Time.  The next few weeks are busy, so if the release happens
after the next test cycle, it may match my availability to do the
2.  Bandwidth (nothing beats a truckload of CDs [DVDs, tapes, etc] for
bandwidth, althought the latency can be terrible).  Give me a few
weeks, then I'll see if someone could burn me a set.  That would also
give Debian one more shot at the release cycle.

Thanks for the offer.

Jeffry Smith      Technical Sales Consultant     Mission Critical Linux
smith at phone:978.446.9166,x271 fax:978.446.9470
Thought for today:  Chemist who falls in acid will be tripping for weeks.

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