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More on Linux-HA and SuSE (fwd)

Since there was interest in tonight's GNHLUG meeting on SuSE & HA,
I've included below the gnhlug mailing on it.

The meeting is tonight, 7pm, Martha's Exchange (2nd floor), Nashua:
Marthas Exchange Restaurant 
185 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060
directons can be found at:

Jeffry Smith      Technical Sales Consultant     Mission Critical Linux
smith at phone:978.446.9166,x271 fax:978.446.9470
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		-- John Kenneth Galbraith

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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 12:55:44 -0400
From: Jerry Kubeck <jkubeck at>
To: gnhlug at
Cc: gnhlug-org at
Subject: More on Linux-HA and SuSE

Here is more on presentation from SuSE this Thursday in Nashua.

This was just sent to me by Seth Payne of SuSE.

Two short years ago, skeptics used to complain, "Linux will never
succeed... There are no large companies behind the platform... There's no
support... There is no top tier relational database for Linux... There is
no journaling filesystem and how can you expect me to deploy it in a
production environment when there is no high availability?" It took some
time, but one by one, each of these criticisms has been bowled over by the
ever-accelerating snowball of Linux.

Based in Nurnberg, Germany, SuSE AG is a global software company that among
other things, produces the well-known Linux distribution by the same name.
In addition, SuSE is pushing the envelope of production-level Linux that is
appropriate for use by banks, trading houses and other entities with IT
infrastructures that simply can not go down.

High availability enables you to link two or more servers together so that
one transparently picks up the computing load should the other fail. SuSE's
HA solution removes any single point of failure and allows applications to
increase availability to the level required for mission-critical data center
operations. This failover capability is an important component of the
maturation of Linux as complete enterprise computing environment.

Recognized for his work in the Linux FailSafe, Linux Virtual Server, Linux
HA, and Heartbeart projects, Lars Marowsky-Br)B?e will answer your questions
and showcase the cutting edge of high availability Linux. This is a very
technical meeting, but should not be missed by either newbie or elitist.

Hope to see a lot of you there. Make your reservations for dinner with Paul
at: pll at


Jerry Kubeck      Customer Support     Appropriate Solutions, Inc.
jkubeck at

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