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[Really wish David would stop crapping all over the Subject: lines like this] Re: [BLU] Re: 3 Questions

Once upon a time, Michael O'Donnell spake thus:

* It's much simpler than that: gather whatever URL you like into the
* Cut buffer and then just middle-click with the pointer anywhere
* in the main NetScape browser window.  The URL currently being
* displayed in the Location: window will be replaced with your
* new one and the corresponding load will be initiated.

OK, got that and it works, but what am I doing wrong in terms of subject lines?
(The joke thing is just me. My family, friends, clients and vendors have all
learned to live with it.)

David P. Greenberg
Bitco Electronics
"In Service to the Recording Industry"

**Think too much, you loose your edge.
       Edge is everything-Hawk**
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