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> Tuning Sendmail is extremely complicated.  This is because it depends
> entirely upon the job you call upon it to do.  If you are running a lot of
> mailing lists, for example, then you need to tune it completely
> differently than if you deliver mail to a lot of individual mailboxes.  
> Sendmail has different settings for interaction with queuing algorithms,
> load averages, anti-spam filtering, spawned delivery agents, and so on.

We're sendout out huge maillists (50,000 to 1,000,000 messages per mailing)
(it's sooooo close to being spam, the only thing that keeps it from being spam 
is people have to sign up for these lists.)

> I cannot imagine what kind of network bandwidth you are plugged into if
> you are worried about Sendmail being slow on a Dell Poweredge 2300.  We
> ran a fairly large mailing list (for the Berlin Project) a few years ago,
> which had a volume of about 10,000 mail transactions per day, on a 33 MHz
> 486 with 16 MB RAM connected via a T1 line.  Admittedly, that required
> some careful tuning, but no one noticed or complained.

We manage mailing lists for several major companies and organizations.

> When you say Sendmail is "slow," exactly what do you mean?

Slow is 18 minutes for 102 messages (with bodies less than 200 bytes) 

> As for telling if your network card is running at 100 Mbps, this is driver
> dependent.  Either ifconfig or something in /proc may tell you.

I didn't see anything in ifconfig, I'll take a look through /proc.  Thanks


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