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install problems

tried installing RH6.1 from cdrom on system and got dumped
"exception occured: file /usr/bin/anaconda" with some other
references to python.  we'll let that go as that cdrom failed
to install properly on my toshiba laptop as well, possibly
a faulty cdrom disk (though it did install on a thinkpad 760ED).

tried installing RH5.2 and got all the way through, telling it
to install the boot loader in /dev/hda master boot record.
when i tried to boot, got error "disk boot failure, insert system
disk and press enter".  using the boot disk made at installation
the system came up satisfactorally.

hda previously had a 200MB dos partition, a 300MB ext2 partition,
and 30MB swap, and used loadlin to boot from a config.sys menu,
and ran RH5.2.

system configuration:
	- pentium 60MHz 40MB ram (1994)
	- hda 530MB connor 
	- hdb 1.7MB western digital (last 100MB swap) 
	- adaptec 1542 scsi
	- scd0 toshiba 2x scsi cdrom

what can i do to get it to boot from the hard disk?  any help would
be appreciated.

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