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install problems

> tried installing RH5.2 and got all the way through, telling it
> to install the boot loader in /dev/hda master boot record.
> when i tried to boot, got error "disk boot failure, insert system
> disk and press enter".  using the boot disk made at installation
> the system came up satisfactorally.

You need to run fdisk (dos or linux versions) and set the /boot partition
(or maybe just /, depending on your setup) active.  This isn't done by
default in most linux partitioning programs, and there's no glaring error
that comes up if you try to exit linux's fdisk without setting one active
(as opposed to dos fdisk).  You should be okay from there on.  I'm not
sure about the anaconda error, probably a bad disk, though you could try
text mode install with it (my personal preference anyways).


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