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SCO Unix Intellectual Property Pedigree Chart

On Thursday 01 May 2003 09:01 am, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> Many of us have seen flow charts of Unix history. SCO has placed one of
> these charts on their website.
> It seems that they have tagged the green bar as SCO LInux Pedigree.
> It would seem that one looking at this chart would infer that SCO had
> some stake in the development of Linux. While Caldera has been around
> for a while as a Linux distro, I am unaware that they contributed
> anything significant back to Linux (or FSF and other Open Source
> software).

To my knowledge, Caldera tried to create a very Windows-like, easy to install, 
easy to use Linux experience.  Except, like with Red Hat's and SuSE's first 
few attempts to do the same, the apps failed horribly, because the UI was not 
intuitive, the saved data would get out of sync with the config files, and 
they would crash.

I don't know if any of this ended up in other distributions, but I sincerely 
hope not.

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