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D'oh! moments

On Thursday 15 May 2003 11:18 am, Scott Prive wrote:
> I'm pretty sure CTRL-ALT-DELETE calls sync() on the way down... I don't
> think you'd lose any data unless a daemon gets stuck trying to shut down.

The three-finger-salute does a full shutdown.  It stops all init.d daemons and 
all.  It's the same as typing "shutdown -r now", except you don't need to see 
what you're doing.

> Backing up MP3 data to CDR or DVDR is trivial, but as you point out there's
> other aspects such as data organization. I still haven't got that one
> figured out.

Backing up 120GB of MP3's is NOT trivial.

PS- Can we make an effort to trim non-essential quoted text here?
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