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Slide scanner

On Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 12:48:17PM -0400, Rich Braun wrote:
> If money were no object, and one wanted to scan in (let's say) a file drawer
> of old financial records (10 reams double-sided), how would one accomplish
> this with technology available today?

Take a PC, make sure there are 10 USB controllers, hook up 10
sheetfeeder scanners, and run two passes, one for each side.

Let's take a more interesting case: what do you do when you are in
charge of the project to change every Navy ship from carrying a few tons
of paper manuals and schematics, to a few pounds of CD-ROMs? And some of
those schematics are drawn on 12 foot wide sheets?

My uncle, who was in that position, ordered giant drum scanners. The
heads scanned back and forth across a 144" swath, and the drum moved the
paper underneath them. Worked so well that every ship in a battle group
can carry complete documentation on every other ship in the group.


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