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ximian evolution

eric asks:
| Hello big dogs, it's the pain in the butt newb again.  Thanks for help
| on my last problem.  This one is ximian.  It works fine, except when I
| try to send somebody with an aol email account a message. I'm using
| RedHat 8 with Evolution 1.4.3 and a Comcast cable connection. The Ximian
| webite and Google provided no assistance.  Any sugestions would be
| great.  Thanks.  This is what I get from the mailer daemon;

I'll guess that you have a dynamic IP address.  There  were
some  reports  a  month  or  so  back  that AOL had started
blocking mail from many ISPs that used  dynamic  addresses.
This  was supposedly part of some sort of anti-spam effort.
This may be what's happening to you.

I've found that mail to AOL  sometimes  goes  through,  and
sometimes  fails  totally.   It may depend on just which of
their email servers you connect to.

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