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now, we can help a man who has worked hard caring for the departed

I received this email today from my long lost friend;  Well, actually I don't recall meeting this Mr. Williams, but I am sure that's nothing, I probably just don't recall the name...

And I know how much we all want to help him and others like him.  So, I was thinking that we should, as a group, offer to help put Mr. Williams in touch with people in this country who can really help him, even to relocate him, and provide a place for him in a US government sponsored retirement community; even one with lot's of exciting celebrities.  Maybe he can wave to Martha Steward from across a fence.

We'll have to be discrete, and to work as a team.  And in order not to excite poor Mr. Williams, we probably shouldn't tell him that we are collaborating together.

We can call this project FOREIGN ASSISTANCE ala LINUX.    Now, how can we get this fine gentleman on a plane headed for the US.

(And I got this letter like this,. with the ad for MS junk mail attached.  Once this project is completed, we should figure out how billg can be encouraged to join him as a bunk-mate.)

Here's the letter I received.  

E-MAIL:-mcdonald_williams_2004 at


Dear Sir,

With due respect,i wish this letter will not come to you as a surprise.I am 
in lome annex. We had a foreign customer(NAME:- MR. Sigga Alda Einarsd?ttir 
)who deposited a huge sum of money(US$17.2million United States dollars)with 
our bank.

Eventually,this customer was among the victims of EGYPT AIR BOEING 767, 
FLIGHT N0 990 that crashed on the 31-10-2000,since then we have not had 
anybody coming for this claims as the next of kin.And i have been monitoring 
this account with my position here in the bank for the past
two years.

I was monitoring this account/funds and managed it over the years before his 
death,and from the informations that i have gathered,he died along side with 
the wife and as supposed next of kin which is their only son.hence nobody 
has showed up as the next of kin for the past three year plus now,I have 
removed security file jacket to my private vault.

I now solicit for your assistance to present you as the next of kin as every 
other arrangement has been concluded by me and I am only waiting for a 
foreigner to enable me move the fund to his/her account.

This does not have any risk attached to it as all his secret informations 
that will be required from
you by the bank is with me right now over here,I therefore request you to 
confirm your interest by a return message and I will furnish you with 
details on how to proceed to the bank.

Your interest will be negotiable before we commence the operation. I look 
forward to hear from you so as to enable us forge ahead and work like 
brothers to achieve this mutual benefit.

Kind Regards


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