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now, we can help a man who has worked hard caring for the departed

|> I keep getting junk email offering to sell me Windows ME for $25 and
|> XP for $50.  If anybodies interested I could forward this wonderful
|> deal.  ;)
| Please take advantage of it, then we can excommunicate you from the
| Linux community :-)

On a serious note, I really love learning about computers and the net.
I have a vague concept of "freedom" (really don't like the government or
their corporate masters monitoring our behavior online) but there's so
many scam artists and other types of dirtbags around, I often have
trouble reconciling my beliefs with the real world.  About 2 weeks ago I
was playing chess online at a site with an international crowd and
people of all ages and there's been some jerks (who can't play chess
worth a lick) getting on there and trying to scam people (IM while
playing).  Not cool with kids around.  Part of me says monitor and crush
the scum, another part worries that folks with unpopular views will get
targeted.  At times it's depressing...  People suck.
- --
- -Eric

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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