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backing up a Windoz system.

At 07:54 AM 7/19/2004, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 23:44:39 -0400
>Bob Gorman <bob at> wrote:
>> At 09:45 AM 7/18/2004, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>> >Every night I back up my wife's Windows system by mounting it and
>> >then rsync it to one of my drives. However, I continuously get the
>> >"too many open files" message in the log.
>> As someone mentioned you could use rsync from the MS-Windows side.
>> I currently use rsync under Cygwin under MS-Windows to do something
>> similar.
>> You could also get the MS-Windows Services for Unix and then
>> export/mount the file system with NFS. The pusher man had free
>> downloads recently.
>Under cygwin, can you schedule tasks?

I forgot you where using ME. I don't think ME has native job scheduling and your disks are FAT.  My mistake, I use and was therefore in a minde set of W2K with NTFS. You could still try cygwin though.

To answer your question, sort of:

Cygwin has cron and cygunsrv (for NT/2K), but I've not played with it.

NT/2K has native job scheduling (at /every).

I'd wager a slice of Sam's pizza that there are some freeware/sharware programs for 98/ME that will allow you to do job scheduling.

For those still interested, here's the MS-Windows Services for Unix download for NFS exporting:

The 3.5 version is built for W2K and up, with NTFS.


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