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Getting started w/ Debian

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 12:02, Brian Nelson wrote:
> > What does it matter how he gets it installed?
> Because Knoppix isn't pure Debian and can cause some problems when
> switching over to Debian.

That's very misleading. It's definitely pure debian, it's just made up of 
things not all in the same tree. Don't confuse him already.

> Also, it sounds like he wants to install Woody, but Knoppix gives you an
> unstable snapshot, more or less.  If the OP really wants an easy way to
> install a non-Woody Debian system, he should try the Sarge installer.

Why? Knoppix gets apt-get onto the disk, and gets all the hardware working 
well, which is all that matters at first. 

> Disclaimer: I've never actually installed Debian via Knoppix, and the
> above is based on my understanding that in the installation process
> installs the Knoppix system straight to the hard disk.

If you use the sources.list, and update afterwards, you will get the same 
thing you get with the installs via other methods. That's one of the selling 
points of Debian....

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