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Getting started w/ Debian

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Drew Taylor wrote:
| I'm planning on doing my first Debian install this week via the install
| option of Knoppix. I just burned the latest V3.4 cd last night. The
| instructions to install to a drive are straightforward.
| So I'm looking more for thoughts that might help a (Debian) newbie. I've
| been using RedHat for years, so I'm no stranger to Linux. Any gotchas,
| important hints, etc that might be specific to Debian are appreciated.

Well, everybody else piped up, so why not one more.  I flipped when I
heard through the grape vine that Fedora 2 had issues with duel
installs, I didn't like RedHat not supporting me, the paying desktop
Linux enthusiast.  I dig Debian's politics, downloaded the cd's and
started the install.  Well, (WARNING: I'm a mere hobbiest) I found the
debian installer to be the worst looking piece of crap I have ever seen.
~ Just terrible.  But after about 2 hours, I figured out how it works (it
should be easier for you).  The installer is actually as powerful as it
is ugly, and I learned much about options for creating partitions.  I
think it's cool you're going to use Knoppix.  That should make life a
little easier.  Coming from RedHat to Debian, I really liked learning
about apt-get.  Hey, I only knew up2date.  I mean how much easier does
it get than, apt-get install x-window-system, apt-get install blah...
(I'm a wacko who likes to pick and choose every app :))  My only major
complaint is hardware support.  Slap in a Fedora or SuSe cd on my
computers and all is well, slap in a Debian cd and get ready for a pain
in the ass.  Maybe life is different for a Debian Guru, I don't know.  I
guess my point is, I couldn't see any reason why I should use a distro
that lacks so many features that RedHat/Suse users expect.  Example:
Want to use an encrypted file system?  With the Suse installer a total
Linux newb can do it.  A newb using the Debian installer would have to
begin the googling.  So I'm back with RedHat.  I learned much visiting
with the cult of debian, but...  I missed all the slick toys the major
distros offer.  Good luck, and if things go well for you (please tell
us) I may try it again sometime.
- --
- -Eric
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