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Getting started w/ Debian

Drew Taylor wrote:
> David Kramer wrote:
>> Start with *AT LEAST* two six-packs of your favorite beer, and wear a 
>> baseball cap so you don't pull your hair out.   ;)
> Interesting observation David. Are you implying I might be better off 
> fumbling through a Fedore install? ;-) I'm thinking Debian this time 
> because I've seen many people on this list swear by it. But I'm always 
> open to other options - I want to play some but I mainly want a good 
> platform I can develop the new app on.

I was mostly joking, but I've never had much luck with it myself.  YYMV.  I 
have a friend who has been trying to get Knoppix installed and all her 
hardware working for about a month in her spare time.  Similar stories from 
another friend or two about Debian.

I've had bad experiences with apt, but it musta been something I did wrong. 
Really messed up my system, though.

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