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Wireless SRX technology

Jerry Feldman <gaf at> wrote:
> I have an older
> wireless-B router that I use only when my daughter visits or on
> occasion with my laptop. The router is downstairs and the signal is a
> bit weak upstairs. I don't need the extra speed of the G router.  Is
> the signal strength of the G routers stronger than the older B routers?

*Anything* which actually delivers on a claim of greater signal range would be
welcome in my house.

I live in a 19th-century wood-frame house and am typing this via wi-fi "G"
upstairs and 2 rooms over from the access point (maybe 30 feet distance, with
nothing but furniture and wooden timbers between).  The signal cuts in and
out, sometimes I have to move the PC over to the dining room to get back in

I started out with a "B" access point and it was the same.  I tried one of
those signal-enhancing antennas (still plugged into the access point) and it
didn't help either.

The signal should be 2 to 4 times stronger to work in a real-world suburban
house.  These things seem to be built for cubicled office areas or downtown

Would love to hear if "SRX" solves anyone's problem, junking my old wi-fi gear
is something I like to do every 24 months or so.  But so far it's an itch that
resists healing after each scratching session.

Will now hit "send" and hope this gets submitted...;-)


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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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