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Wanted a few good men, er, Linux guys?

Yes, my experience with FC4 has been much better.  I expect to test 2
other installations that have dual boot configs this week and will report
back if any issues come up.  One will have XP Pro and the other XP Home.

I learned from Jerry Feldman that is best to install with seperate
partitions for /home, /usr/local, and any other custom data directory like
/opt.  Then you can do a full install of a new distribution while leaving
those partitions in tact but putting everything else on a reformated /
partition having the new distro.  

This what I started doing as of FC2.  I found that FC4 wants to use LVM,
so when I went about installing FC4 over FC3 while maintaining my custom
data partitions, I had to select manual partitioning with Disk Druid where
I could see each of the previous partitions and their old label.  In Disk
Druid, I edited each partition that I wanted to preserve and checked the
option to preserve data and selected to keep the old label.  That all
worked very well.  I don't know LVM that well so I didn't want to risk
goinging with Automatic partitioning with the Edit option enabled.

- Steven Erat

--- paul_cour at wrote:

>  Hello
> I read your post and am also interested...
> So FC 4 installs with no sweat...
> So with single partition of XP Pro already
> resident on the machine, the FC 4 install
> procedure allows one to create /, /boot/
> /usr, /home and /or swap partitions as a natural part of the  FC
> install?
> Is it Disk Druid that you do this with,
> or is it "parted" that allows the definition and
> hence assigment of partitions for Linux?
> thanks in advance
> paulc
> >From: Steven Erat <stevenerat at>
> >Date: Mon Jun 20 11:04:29 CDT 2005
> >To: karina.popkova at, discuss at
> >Subject: Re: Wanted a few good men, er, Linux guys?
> >A little late to the game on this one...
> >
> >I respectfully disagree with the replies to this message that claimed
> that
> >the FC2 hard disk geometry bug was fixed in FC3.  I reprodued the same
> bug
> >on at least two machines, once by accident and once to attempt to
> >reproduce. My grief is chronicled here:
> >
> >
> >However, my experience with FC4 so far has demonstrated that this
> problem
> >does not exist anymore.  I installed FC4 on the same machine as
> previously
> >mentioned in the blog entry, while maintaining the same XP install on
> the
> >other side. No problems at all.
> >

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