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Xantrex UPS

Sorry for the top post:

There are two aspects about UPS's  (1) VA rating for the electronics and
(2) Amp Hour for the battery.

Many UPS systems have replaceable batteries and it is usually easy to take
a smaller UPS system with an acceptable VA rating for your hardware and
extend its backup life simply by adding a large battery (in it if there is
enough space or next to it if you want something bigger.)

A company my wife worked for, a couple years ago, were tossing a $900
smart UPS system because it was 3 years old and the batteries were dead.
$50 dollars later at an internet battery site, I was up and running with a
very nice UPS.

> From: Tom Metro <blu-5a1Jt6qxUNc at>
> Subject: Xantrex UPS
> To: Rich Braun <richb-RBmg6HWzfGThzJAekONQAQ at>
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> Rich Braun wrote:
>> ...the Xantrex Powersource 400 units I bought last year have
>> been a very satisfactory purchase.  I still get hours of backup
>> time with them (...I think it was 7 or 8 hours...).
>> Nothing I've ever bought before those has come anywhere close.
> That's because a typical UPS is designed for short duration use. There
> can't be anything all that magical about these devices - they're just
> trading off VA rating for run time length. You should be able to get the
> same effect by purchasing a UPS with a much higher VA rating than you
> need. It'll end up having the same amp-hour rating on the batteries.
> (Though in theory a device designed for long run time should be cheaper
> due to being able to use cheaper, low current components in the inverter
> circuit.)
> I looked these up when you mentioned them before and Best Buy was
> charging $150 for a 650 VA unit. That's 2 or 3 times the price of a
> competing 650 VA unit. I'd be curious to know what kind of batteries
> they have inside, and how the run time would compare to a 1000 VA unit
> powering the same 50W load.
> If long run time is really your goal, you'd be better off using less
> expensive UPSs in conjunction with a gas generator. You can get 1000 to
> 2000 watt generators imported from China these days for $130 to $200.
> With the generator you can keep refilling the tank for days or run time.
> (Of course a generator is a tad less convenient. You can't exactly stick
> it in a corner in your office.)
>   -Tom
> --
> Tom Metro
> Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
> "Enterprise solutions through open source."
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