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dynamic IP/remote access

I happen to use (their free service).  Works the same as  They send out a reminder every 90 days that my host will 
expire unless I visit their web page to re-up another 90 days.  I visit 
the special URL and that's it.


On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Paul Baumgardner wrote:

> On 7/5/07, Samuel Baldwin <shardz4217-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at> wrote:
>> Hey. This is eerie because I just came off because I'm
>> thinking
>> about switching from comcast to speakeasy (See: Shredding History BLU
>> thread)
>> I use for , which is my OpenBSD server
>> (installfest ;D),
>> and it's been great. Oddly enough in 2 years of comcast "service" my IP 
>> only
>> changed
>> once, when I got a new modem. Comcast service has been 'comcastic' as well
>> here,
>> but dyndns has never been a problem. I ssh from almost anywhere (PuTTY) 
>> into
>> '' (you can use 22 as well, not blocked) and 
>> just
>> forward the
>> port into my server, and from there I can ssh into individual machines very
>> easily. In short,
>> dyndns works great for everything. I recommend it highly.
>> How was your service with Speakeasy compared to Comcast, by the way?
> Thanks for the info about dyndns.  I haven't noticed yet if my IP has
> changed; it's only been a month or so.  I had Speakeasy for about 5
> years at my previous place.  I had the One-Link service (no home
> phone).  It was great.  It is pricey compared to offerings from
> Verizon or Comcast in terms of bandwidth.  I was paying $60 per month
> for a 1.5/384 line.  Downtime was practically non-exsistent.  I can't
> remember a time I was with out internet with them.  With Comcast, I
> noticed my download speed will go from over 1200KB/sec to 300KB/sec.
> Overall Speakeasy is great.  Very good technical support.  I wish I
> could use them right now.  I'm moving again in 8 months, so hopefully
> I can go back to them,
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