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high false positive with Gmail

On 7/18/07, Tom Metro <blu-5a1Jt6qxUNc at> wrote:
> We've talked about Gmail's spam filtering on this list before, so in
> that light I'll mention that I just discovered I'm experiencing a fairly
> high false positive rate.

I've been seeing this with Gmail for a LONG time.  For me, it always seems to be
email that came via a mailing list.  I can't recall ever seeing email
sent directly
to me marked as spam.  I should note that my email is forwarded to Gmail from so Google's servers always see servers as the previous hop.
I get LOTS of spam because of the age of my address.  I just cleaned
out my Spam box on Gmail and there were over 100 messages that were incorrectly
marked as spam all from the same mailing lists which I have religiously marked
as non-spam for over a year now.  I even have filters set up to label
most of the
mailing list mail and that doesn't stop the mail from being marked as
spam either.

Bill Bogstad

P.S. Oh, that over 100 messages not Spam was from a month's worth of Spam
with about 11,000 messages in the folder.  i.e. about a 1% false positive rate.
Yes, I get a LOT of spam.  (And that's after some preliminary filtering done

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