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Linux and desktops on isolated LAN

I ran into this problem once.  Yes, it will be an issue, especially
with varying verisons of software.  I did not solve it myself, but I
also didn't look too hard...

On 7/27/07, John Abreau <john.abreau-3flU0AWMlV4AvxtiuMwx3w at> wrote:
> Kristian Hermansen wrote:
> > On 7/27/07, Scott Ehrlich <scott-3s7WtUTddSA at> wrote:
> >
> >> For linux to linux (Enterprise to CentOS), what is the best way to establish
> >> user home directories that, when a user sits at a workstation and boots into
> >> Linux, no matter what desktop they sit at, they log into their home directory,
> >> even if they end up using multiple workstations to get their job done.
> >>
> >
> > A remote NFS mount?  That's what I would do.  But since you are using
> > Windows as well, how about a remote SMB mount of the home dir?  You
> > can auth with whatever method you like I suppose...
> >
> Remote-mounting of the home directory is fairly trivial; I think the
> real issue here is the desktop environment. Gnome and KDE have
> the unstated assumption baked in that the user just has the one
> desktop. If users login with the same home directory from
> multiple workstations, they will have multiple instances on Gnome
> or KDE stepping all over each other and probably corrupting
> a lot of their desktop settings and preference data.
> I'm not aware of any good workarounds for this. Has anyone solved this
> problem yet?  A not-so-good workaround might be to use something
> simpler, like twm, instead of Gnome or KDE, but I wouldn't consider
> that acceptable.
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Kristian Hermansen

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