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Re: file shredding tools

 Kent Borg wrote: 
> ......Customs thinks they can look at whatever passes physically 
> before them.  They think they can ask you to unlock your suitcase.   
> They think they can ask you to decrypt your files. 

How often does customs ask you to decrypt files?  I'd like to hear of 
someone's experience being searched.  I've seen where they ask you to 
turn the laptop on to see that it is a working laptop. 

I always put a lock on my checked bags.  If the TSA wants to cut it off, 
fine, then I am out fifty cents.  Better than having baggage workers 
rutting through my unlocked bags. 
>   If you say "no", they can make your life difficult. 
You could say no, my company doesn't allow me to disclose this company 
confidential information to third parties, and here's the phone number 
for the IT Director.  What is the scenario? 
> But, even in this strange day-and-age, where search warrants aren't 
> needed and torture is acceptable, 
"Waterboarding will now commence with rows 17 through 25" 
> there seems to be a reluctance to force one to cyber-burglarize ones 
> own employer as a condition to returning to the country. 
I think they can inspect anything coming into the country.  If the 
corporate datacenter is in the US, they have no right search without 
probable cause, and if the datacenter is offshore they have no 
jurisdiction to require you to connect. 
> Major corporation IT departments are doing the VPN route over the 
> encrypted route.  They see a difference. 
I think major companies are more worried about what happens to the data 
when you are travelling - laptop stolen from the trunk of the rental 
car, which happened to my brother, espionage searches your hotel room, 
etc.  I don't think they are worrying about US Customs. 


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