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Green Graphics Adapter Recommendation

On Fri, 2008-10-17 at 16:54 -0400, Bob - BLU wrote:
> I have a Linux server that needs a graphics adapter.  It will spend most of it's time displaying an X login window, and the rest of the time displaying an X session while maintenance occurs.  No games here.  But I expect to be running a few virtual machines under VirtualBox or VMWare.  So I'm looking for a graphics adapter than can handle that (most any), and not chew up much power as it spends its life displaying the login window.
> The motherboard has a PCI 2.0 x16 slot for an adapter.

Pretty sure you mean "PCI Express 2.0 x16".

> I was thinking an NVidia based card as they seem to have the best drivers (proprietary is acceptable here).
> Any recommendations for a 'green' card?

Anything fanless, as they're already predisposed to using less power
than cards w/fans. Personally, for that particular job, I'd stay away
from proprietary drivers, as that's an unneeded hassle -- the free
drivers for both ATI and nVidia cards should do just fine. I'd probably
go with something like an ATI Radeon X550 or an nVidia GeForce 6200 -- a
few generations old, and thus had cheaply and likely well-supported even
by an "older" distro (*cough* RHEL), and both available in fanless

Jarod Wilson
jarod-ajLrJawYSntWk0Htik3J/w at

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