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fdisk -l and gparted inconsistent on ubuntu jaunty

On 07/07/2009 03:04 PM, Laura Conrad wrote:
> Laura> When I installed, I had gparted set up a 530G partition. It
>     Laura> thinks it did, and its name is /dev/sda6, and that 12 G of
>     Laura> that is now full.  This is the kind of number I expect.
>     Laura> But when I run df, I get that root is mounted on /dev/sda3,
>     Laura> and fdisk -l and mount don't know anything at all about
>     Laura> /dev/sda6.
> Whatever the problem was, it seems to have gone away.  df and fdisk are=

> now both seeing /dev/sda6, and df reports it as only 2% full.
>  =20 :-)
Also, sometimes it's best to post the df and the fdisk listings. You can
always cat them to a thumb drive to incorporate in your email. Sometimes
what a person describes may be misleading, but the listingsspeak for
themselves and provide important clues. Years ago I sat next to a
hardware guy on a plane to troubleshoot a problem. One thing he said was
when they want the rev level on the board, they ask very specific
questions to force the onsite guys to tell them what stuff is. For
instance, if I ask you what kernel you are running, you might say
2.6.28-11, but if I ask you to do a uname -a and tell me what it says,
your answer might be 2.6.28-13.

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