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UPnP video clients

Laura Conrad wrote:
> I haven't tried it, but it looks like there's a plugin for rhythmbox
> which works for some people (and not others).

Right, that uses the Coherence thing I mentioned. More importantly, can 
Rhythmbox render video?

I took a look, found it in the plugin list, enabled it, but didn't see 
anything new show up in the UI. I can't find anything on Coherence or 
UPnP in the local or online documentation.

The local search on UPnP did, however, turn up more info on how 
Coherence works with Totem. Apparently I needed to install the 
totem-plugins-extra package before it will show up as an available 
plugin. After doing that, and enabling it, and following the directions 
to turn on the side bar and select Coherence from the list, it does show 
UPnP servers. Unfortunately it only shows Rhythmbox running on the same 
machine. :-) (So apparently I did succeed in enabling UPnP in Rhythmbox, 
but as a server, not a client.)

The Coherence site:

does list a couple of UPnP media players I hadn't heard of before, 
GMediaRender (looks promising) and UPnP-Control for Mplayer, but they're 
either incomplete or haven't been updated in a long time.

That site also mentioned Elisa Media Center (seems to be called Moovida 
now,, that looks like a pretty slick media 
player. The mention on the Coherence site plus some info on their wiki 
implies it can browse UPnP servers, but when I choose that option, 
nothing shows up. I see they also have a PPA with a newer version, but 
same results. (The Elisa UI seemed a bit better than the Moovida UI, but 
either is light years ahead of the currently released MythTV UI.)


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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