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multiple interfaces on same subnet

On 11/17/2009 05:31 PM, Jerry Natowitz wrote:
> Somewhere in my past I ran into a problem where the outgoing packets=20
> went out one interface, but the incoming packets came in the other=20
> interface.  Some process or service did not like this, it required the =

> same interface be used for both directions.  I don't remember any more =

> details.  I think it was Solaris rather than Linux, but I'm not certain=
> You might get around the problem by advertising route costs to coax the=
> next hop to use the desired IP address for the box.
>  =20
I understand that. In TCP, you are bound to ports and ip addresses, so
outgoing and incoming packets SHOULD all go out and come in via the same
interface as the IP address is assigned to the interface. I've had
interesting problems with unterminated coax and connecting to multiple
subnets on the same physical wire (John Chambers remember Alek :-)

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