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Out of disk space - Ubuntu

On 11/25/2009 12:16 PM, aldo albanese wrote:
> Hi,
> I ran out of disk space on ext3.  I was able to allocate 2 more gig of
> space in VMvare to use for Ubuntu.   When I go to the disk partition menu
> under Gparted, I see "ext3" and "unallocated space".  Can I integrate the
> unallocated space into the original ext3 to extend the original 3 giB to
> toal 5 gib?

If the partitions are contiguous that you want to merge (or you want to merge
the last partition with the free space, and all the free space is at the end
of the disk), then yes you can do it, but you need to be careful.  You need to
resize the existing partition that houses your ext3 filesystem, then grow the
filesystem (resize2fs; see

If it's not contiguous space, or you don't know if it is, then you're out of
luck; you needed to have used LVM.  LVM would allow you to merge arbitrary
partitions into a single filesystem. There's not a way migrate an ext3
partition to an LVM+ext3 without copying everything to secondary storage and back.


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