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Trouble at the 9th layer.

On 11/29/2009 11:26 AM, Richard Pieri wrote:
> One thing I've learned over the years is that senior management needs c=
oncrete examples of how a policy change improves productivity and/or save=
s money (time).  You need to make it clear to them that One Guy's actions=
 are causing problems that take your time away from projects that help th=
e rest of the developers, and you need to document exactly how much time =
that is.
>  =20
I agree. Management at every level needs to understand how their
decisions may have some undesirable side effects. One day at Burger King
the Director of IT had us in a meetings and chewed us out for taking
lunches at the wrong time, or coming in late. But what he didn't take
into consideration is the hours we all worked. Many times, most of us
would leave well after 5PM, many of us would come in during the night
for firecalls. Essentially, what he got was the thought that we don't
want to work here any more.

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