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Using an SSD as swap?

Yep, ... I have a Dell latitude laptop that is 6 years old, handed
down to me from
my kid that graduated college, and he got it as a freshman.  Anyway, I
really like
it, but I have maxed it out as much as I can.  But it is dieing from
old age.  Internal
ethernet and wireless have died.  I did replace the internal wireless
card, but no
joy.  Sofar it is still cobbling along on a wireless PC card that
ubuntu supports.
I know it is a matter of time, but I really like the keyboard and for
graphics it is one
of the best displays I have seen (I am sure there are better, but for
a laptop and
my aging eyes it is still a joy to use).

I suggest start budgeting for a replacement.  Put all your Christmas Money in
a jar along with all spare change.  Give up a late or two a week, and
pretty soon
there will be enough for a nice gift for yourself in the jar!

One thing that has helped me is to have a desktop machine also.  In
general it is
cheaper to upgrade and in more manageable size chunks, at least in my manner
of working.  I use it as a 'storage server' for the laptop (and even
as a backup server
for all the systems on our network... I use crashplan to backup
windows and ubuntu
linux both over the network and locally, it helps for WHEN my old hardware dies.
Everything backs up to a 1T disk.  I don't currently use their 'cloud
based backups'
($150 for 3 years for unlimited storage for home/family use for
multiple machines).

I keep two or three other 'toy' machines around in various states of
running, but
they are all on our network and wired in.  I use a KVM to get to them.

Sorry, I got off track ... again ...

I agree a little investment to make it last a reasonable while longer
is a good use
of resources.  Just need to watch 'throwing good money after bad' and
hitting the
wall on diminishing returns, like I do occasionally.

Take care ... Let us know what you do! ... Jack

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