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my life with linux....

On Sat, Dec 04, 2010 at 11:30:15PM -0500, Stephen Adler wrote:
> I started down an upgrade path back sometime in mid October. Today, at 
> about 11pm, I finally crossed the finish line. (I hope....) 7 weeks. In 
> all this time I ended up doing the following. awful lot of stuff...

> all the rhel6 upgrades were difficult since red hat did not provide an 
> upgrade path. I had to install from scratch and rebuild the system 
> services from backups.
> two major hardware upgrades, 7 OS updates...
> I'm exhausted from all this upgrade work!!!....
> and all this time, I've been falling behind in day job work. I'll 
> finally may be able to get something done which is not sys admin related 
> work.
> I don't know about you guys, but I end up spending sooo much time on 
> tuning all my systems, (fixing, tweaking, upgrading) it's getting out of 
> hand. And part of the problem is that I've dived head first into setting 
> up virtual systems that they seem to be proliferating and with each new 
> one, there goes more admin time...

Yesterday I upgraded my house desktop from Debian Lenny to
Debian Squeeze. Because I had read the key bit of info from the
debian-user list (upgrade the kernel first, reboot, then go do
the rest) it took about an hour and a half, largely unmonitored.
I then had three other packages to re-install.

Today I'm doing my wife's laptop, same path. I expect it to be
about the same.

I started using Debian when they promised, back in 1.3 or so,
that every upgrade would be reboot-for-kernel-only, always
smooth sailing from one stable to the next. They've kept that
promise. I recommend it.


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