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[Position-available] Senior Software Engineer – Cloud Computing & Data Automation

I'm forwarding this on.  I know nothing else about this position, so
please contact Mike, not me.

Mike Knauth has sent you a message.

Date: 12/10/2010

Subject: Job Description

Hi David-

I appreciate them help and you taking some time to look through this job
description. Overall is a full time position with a very successful
company which this would be working on a highly confidential product
that will be high profile/high revenue on the cutting edge of speech

I actually do have straight Linux System Administration Positions as
well if they were to be ok to send along


We are currently looking for a Senior Software Engineer ? Cloud
Computing & Data Automation, on behalf of our client, a leading provider
of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the
world. The successful candidate will have expert knowledge and hands-on
experience automating, collecting, and processing data gathered from
cloud computing environments. You will play a key role in designing and
implementing secure automation for collection, processing and reporting
on the vast amounts of data and metadata used to create actionable
information about our cutting-edge mobile speech recognition products.


-- Key architect and technical lead for automation and infrastructure
for collecting and processing research data from rapidly growing popular
speech recognition cloud computing application.
-- Accountable for product requirement analysis, design strategy and
technical development of a cloud computing data collection automation.
-- Collaborate with engineering on system design and architecture.
-- Enhancement of infrastructure and automation in support of live data
collections systems.
-- Actively participate in and advocate for secure data collection in
cross-functional projects that generate or use data from our major data
-- Automate preparation of speech & text data in support of speech
recognition research and technology development with a focus on large
scale multilingual data processing.
-- Demonstrate conceptual leadership and help drive technical
development in new areas (such as automation frameworks that exploit new
-- Work with R&D worldwide to identify requirements and meet data needs,
ensuring timely deliveries, responsiveness, and quality of results. Work
closely with various groups to identify, collect, organize, process, and
report on data from multiple sources.
-- Write, automate, test, improve, and document tools and processes to
increase data quality and to report on results. Take the initiative to
find and fill gaps in the data or fix weaknesses in the data or
processes, recommending and coding upgrades to enhance data quality.
-- Work with colleagues and partners to identify, import, and report on
data mining and extraction processing.
-- Serve as team escalation point for difficult technical issues and
provide aggressive ownership of data automation systems. Effectively
transfers knowledge to team members.


-- Minimum of BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Computer Science,
Electrical Engineering or similar degree, plus 6+ years practical
experience, or an equivalent combination.
-- Experience designing and implementing large databases for cataloguing
and extracting vast amounts of data.
-- Experience designing and implementing efficient complex queries as
part of automation which uses vast amounts of data. Working knowledge of
relational algebra and other optimization methods is preferred.
-- Experience designing and implementing automation for collecting and
managing large amounts of data associated with cloud computing applications.
-- State of the art knowledge of server and data center architecture and
operations including understanding scalability and bandwidth issues
particularly as it applies to managing data associated with cloud
computing. This should include working knowledge of high capacity
computing and IO hardware.
-- Knowledge of new technologies such as cloud computing and other
service delivery models.
-- Proven experience in the implementation of analysis database systems
with emphasis on large scale generation of metadata, data transformation
and conversion, and star schema designs. Strong demonstrated scripting
skills using regular expressions in a Linux/Unix environment.
-- Strong analytical skills with demonstrated attention to detail; able
to follow a systematic approach to data analysis
-- Data transfer security expertise including a working knowledge of
various encryption algorithms & key storage strategy. Some experience in
the review and implementation of data security, preferably at least some
with publicly available shipped products.
-- Proven ability to integrate new technologies and approaches needed to
meet requirements.
-- Ability to translate high level goals into requirements and
architectural designs.
-- Committed to remaining on the ?leading edge? of knowledge in the
overall cloud space
-- Self-motivated excellent organizational skills; able to plan the
details of accomplishing a given project or task and to deliver on schedule.
-- Experience in the implementation of large scale data systems that
focus on the storage of binary data such as high compression audio as
well as storage of multi-byte encoded text data.
-- Good written and verbal communication skills.
-- Must be flexible and willing to shift focus based on fast-moving
changes in requirements.
-- Able to multitask and to balance immediate and longer term tasks and
-- Experience or skills in any of the following are a plus:
-- Speech processing and/or text & audio encoding formats
-- Experience using SGE (Sun Grid Engine)
-- Multilingual or linguistic knowledge

1. How many years of experience do you have collecting and processing
data gathered from a cloud computing environment?(please describe when /
where and what the specific projects, please be as detailed as possible
with your response)?

2. How many years of experience do you have implementing and running
tests to compare data?(when/where, what databases please be as detailed
as possible with your response)?

3. How many years of experience do you have working in the area of large
scale multilingual data processing? (when/where please be as detailed as
possible with your response)?

4. How many years of experience do you have creating processes to
increase data quality? (when/where please be as detailed as possible
with your response)?

5. How many years of experience do you have designing and implementing
large databases for cataloguing and extracting vast amounts of data?
(when/where please be as detailed as possible with your response)?

6. How many years experience do you have working in a Linux/Unix
environment? (when/where please be as detailed as possible with your

7. Please describe your working knowledge of the following:
Data Center Architecture-
High capacity computing-
IO Hardware-

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