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The best server option for Red Hat

> From: Jarod Wilson [mailto:jarod-ajLrJawYSntWk0Htik3J/w at]
> Apologies, "blaming" would have been more apropos than "getting mad at"
> there. At least, it certainly felt to me like Red Hat was getting the
> blame for Dell's software not working on CentOS. :)

Understandable.  At the beginning of this conversation, that was indeed my
belief.  But upon deeper inspection, the fact is, there's no way to know who
Dell employed (employs) to write their software.  Regardless of who it might
be, it's ultimately Dell's software, so there's nobody to blame except Dell.

It makes sense.  You can't even blame Dell, cuz they're being completely

Dell partners with redhat and novell (suse).  Dell probably has at least one
employee on site at each of those locations, and each of those locations
probably have at least one employee onsite at Dell.  So of course they're
only going to certify, develop, and test their software on those platforms.
Does centos have any employees?  Does centos even have a physical office?
Whatever the case is, it would be unreasonable to expect Dell to test &
certify their stuff on every redhat clone...  If they don't do oracle linux,
I guarantee they won't have effort available to do centos and tao, and
lineox, pie box, ... etc etc etc.

That's the point of commercial partnerships.  You certify your stuff on a
known platform.

With other software ... asterisk, skype, etc, it's no big deal if something
doesn't work 100% the same on centos vs rhel.  But when it comes to flashing
firmware ... I think Dell is being reasonable by refusing to work unless
it's *precisely* the platform they certified.  Cuz if it fails for any
reason on unsupported software, consumers are going to call up, and request
support, and hurt Dell in the pocket book.  All cuz the customer didn't want
to pay for redhat support.

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