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FCC internet access rules

> From: discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at [mailto:discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at] On Behalf
> Of Stephen Adler
> Any comments regarding the new FCC rules that were just adopted? Believe
> it or not, I'm getting confused in the spin that everyone is putting on
> it in the press.

I feel the same way.  I recently wrote something that basically said it
sucks when the general consumers control a market and they're ignorant about
stuff that matters...  (like politics) And I used net neutrality as an
example.  If only consumers were not ignorant, and they demanded fairness
and demanded control in their own hands...  (I risk starting a flame war by
insinuating iPhone as a negative influence)...  The consumers are the ones
who hold all the real power, but unfortunately, there are network and
service providers poised to profit from consumer ignorance (cable companies,
mobile providers, apple)...

I saw the article that said "Internet providers must not impede legal
content," and I thought, "Wow, victory!  That means they can't block or
restrict things like google TV, and hulu, and youtube..."   and then I saw
the article, "why everyone hates new net neutrality rules," and I saw
"Forget netflix or hulu on DVRs."  And I said, "WTF?"

I also thought, "Whatever is the truth right now, somebody is going to
challenge some aspect in court, and the rules will soon change."

As usual, all media outlets are not to be trusted.  (Just look here... Fox
news quote-unquote "reporting" on stuxnet
r-ambitions/ ) ...  My boss recently sent me this article, and I responded
unwisely criticising fox news for complete and utter idiocy.  Just look up
the wikipedia article of stuxnet, and you already know more than the
reporter who wrote this "sensational" article.

As usual all media outlets are not to be trusted.  But unlike usual, I don't
know where to read between the lines and discern where the real truth is.  I
start reading 12-page long detailed articles about blah blah, and reach the
conclusion, "We probably lost."  "What the hell, I might as well cave in and
buy a stupid consumer-raping smartphone now."

You know I want one.  I'm only objecting for philosophical reasons, as a
consumer who is not a clueless idiot distracted by shiny objects, I find
myself washing the dishes after dinner tonight, thinking "Cave in.  Cave in.
Cave in.  It's Christmas."

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