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Color Nook

Rather than seeing it as B&W vs. color, see it as a matter of how and what you read.

Just for reference, I own a Kindle DX, an iRex iLiad, and more LCD-based devices than most can shake a stick at, including a Nokia 770 and an 800, several Newton devices, iPod Touch, Droid Incredible, and others.

If you're mostly going to read for reading -- novels and such -- then e-Ink is vastly superior.  It is, as they say, much like paper, without the glare of a self-illuminated display.  Much easier reading, much less eye strain.  e-Ink also looks great in bright sunlight; LCDs not so much, not even the rilly nice ones that Apple uses.  If, however, you'll be perusing technical manuals and such, more skimming and flipping back and forth, then the LCD-based devices are going to work out better for you.

--Rich P.

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